Offering much more than P2P: Introducing merchant pay

As we expand our customer base, we bring new banking services to our solution, enabling customers to access them on any app. One particularly effective use of our solution is demonstrated by ING in Poland: this bank decided to include a merchant pay service on its keyboard, using BLIK code (a popular payment solution that enables to buy stuff without using a credit card). With the ING keyboard, customers can complete their purchase without ever leaving the online store: all they have to do is tap the ING key and choose the BLIK feature to generate a one-time QR code. The result is a frictionless payment experience, that removes the hassle of switching back and forth between the online store and the BLIK app.


This is just one example of financial services that our customers offer through their keyboard. Other services include P2P transfers, balance check, request payment and more. With PayKey, essentially any service offered on the banking/telco app can be accessed directly through the keyboard from any app – keeping them always in front of the customer.


Check out the cool video ING launched to promote this new service (in Polish, Eng. subtitles):