Not just P2P: Innovative use cases that drive customer engagement

While P2P payments are by far the most used service implemented by our customers in their banking keyboards, PayKey’s solution enables banks to integrate virtually any service offered on their banking app onto their keyboard. Here are three services that can be super-useful for users, driving engagement and usage of your services:


Split Bill: Many banks are offering customers to send and request money among thier contacts. Davivienda bank in Colombia took this one step further, offering users to split a bill payment among their contacts. That’s a really nice illustration of social payments – whether it’s meeting over lunch or paying back someone on a WhatsApp group, without having to leave the chat.


Promotions: with consumers bombarded with marketing messages across all digital channels, banks find it very challenging to attract customer attention to new offerings. PayKey enables banks to place a targeted promotional message at a spot that’s simply too hard to ignore – right on the keyboard. Anytime they’ll pick up their phone to type something they’ll see your messages right in front of their eyes.


Check balance from ecommerce sites: while most PayKey customers implement our solution with the aim of making their services accessible from social media apps, our solution works seamlessly with virtually any mobile app. One use case to consider is checking balance at an online store – without having to leave it. Think of it: In 2018, Americans spent $117B on online shopping through their smartphone, accounting for 23% of all online retail sales. With PayKey, customers have an instant and frictionless access to their account info anytime they’re about to make an online payment, without ever having to disrupt the shopping experience.