Banking Keyboard

An Unparallaled
Banking Channel

PayKey’s white-labeled solution combines a state-of-the-art mobile keyboard with banking services to deliver an always-on engagement channel across all social, retail & other mobile apps.

Boosting engagement by as much as 35%

By embedding banking services where consumers today chat, transact and make their financial decisions

Exposing the bank’s brand 2+Hrs. daily

With an avg. 4 Hrs spent on mobile every day, half of that time on social apps with the keyboard present

1 Integration
fits all

A single integration with the banking app makes financial services available anytime the keyboard is used

Designed to Feature Your Services

The Banking Keyboard is tailored to your bank’s preferences and needs, providing access to a wide service portfolio including:

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Payments

Enable instant payment transfers without ever leaving the chat, all with a few taps in the keyboard.

How It Works

PayKey’s Banking Keyboard integrates with the bank’s mobile app via an SDK, serving as a gateway to services through existing APIs without any backend integration.


Banking Service Flows

Designed with your branding

Full Featured Keyboard

Providing clients intuitive and engaging typing experience

Bank App

No changes required in your app, service flows, payment rails and security parameters

Keyboard Solution Highlights

Patent Protected

PayKey’s Keyboard solution is patented to deliver unique holistic capabilities to banks and financial institutions.

Fully Compliant & Secure

As no backend integration is involved, the bank has full control over all data privacy & security.

Advanced NLP

As no backend integration is driven by a powerful engine, the keyboard solution features word suggestions, auto-corrections, and text predictions.

Tailored to Local Needs

Designed to deliver superb typing experiences in multiple languages and customized to meet consumers’ banking needs regionally.

Data-Driven Optimization

By analyzing user journeys globally, the Keyboard is optimized to enhance the experience and boost engagement.

Quick Time-to-Market

With one simple integration, the solution can be fast-tracked from definition to launch in just a few weeks.

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