PayKey for Telcos
Turn the smartphone keyboard into a new channel for services, information and communication


PayKey’s unique keyboard-based solution seamlessly integrates with your mobile app, giving your customers access to services directly from within ANY app
Credit Check
users can instantly check their remaining data and airtime balance from any app
an instant, frictionless way of buying credit - without the hassle of running to a store or contacting call centers
Credit Transfers
just like peer-to-peer payments, users can choose anyone from their contact list and send them a credit boost
Paying Bills
getting done with those payments has never been easier
Service Chatbot
got a chatbot in your app? Make it instantly available from within any app
adding notifications to your telco key will ensure high visibility and conversion rates
placing new services or special offers in prime real estate – right in front of your customers’ eyes


Here are some of the leading financial institutions around the world that are already using PayKey:

“We’ve experienced first-hand what PayKey can deliver through the launch of our
DaviPlata e-wallet.”

Maritza Perez Bermudez

EVP, Retail & Marketing
Banco Davivienda

“Placing our bank’s key right in front of our customers’ eyes whenever they’re typing on their smartphones creates deep, sustainable value to our brand perception”

Ryan Kim

Regional Head of Digital, Greater China & North Asia
Standard Chartered Bank

“PayKey helps customers save time, reduce efforts and make things easy for them, not us – using their language, not ours”

Cezary Żmuda

Principal Expert, Customer Journey
ING Poland

Users access services from within any app, including all social and messaging apps

PayKey’s solution is fully integrated with your app’s SDK, without compromising data privacy and security

No need to download or onboard a dedicated app – your banking key becomes an integral part of the user’s mobile keyboard, making your services instantly available

Create a new channel for financial services, information, and communication

Position your brand as a trailblazer in its market

Create a pathway for market growth and retention of millennials

The PayKey solution: a look under the hood

Your app, your backend

Easy integration

Always in front of your customers

At the core of PayKey’s white label solution is the patented Mobile Banking Keyboard, customized for each of our customers’ unique branding, flows and services.

The PayKey solution: a look under the hood

At the core of PayKey’s white label solution is the patented Mobile Banking Keyboard, customized for each of our customers’ unique branding, flows and services. 

Your app, your backend

No changes required in your service flows, payment rails and security parameters

Easy integration

PayKey's SDK is easily integrated with your app, becoming an inherent part of it

Always in front of your customers

Your services are available straight from your branded key on the keyboard, from within ANY app


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