PayKey’s Interactive Demo: See how you can place financial services right in front of customers, anywhere they go

PayKey is redefining the customer experience by enabling banks, telcos, and mobile wallets to offer instant access to financial services, including P2P payments, balance check and top-ups – from within ANY mobile app, including all messaging apps. Our patented Social Payments Solution™ is based on a state-of-the-art smartphone keyboard that includes a branded banking/telco button. This button opens a menu of services, fully customized to the offerings of the service provider, creating a frictionless experience, driving engagement and keeping services always in front of customers.


Interactive Demo

In order to let you experience PayKey’s solution first-hand, we’ve created a product demo. This demo will give your a taste of what it’s like to have immediate access to key financial services from within any app: sending money to contacts, paying merchants, displaying account info, conducting cardless cash withdrawal via temporary ATM code, and receiving notifications.

Note: We strongly suggest running the demo from a mobile phone
(in order to experience it as close as possible to the actual solution)