Adding an iMessage extension on top of our keyboard solution

We’ve recently added a new feature to PayKey’s offering: our Social Banking Solution will now include a customized iMessage extension, on top of our keyboard solution. The iMessage extension will be fully customized to each of bank’s branding, preferred languages and services.


The addition of the iMessage extension is expected to increase usage of your solution by iOS users. In recent years, Apple has been promoting iMessage by embedding more and more external services onto this platform. As a result, iMessage is getting increased market traction, and in the U.S. it’s already the leading communication app.


Another benefit for using the iMessage extension is that it’s automatically pushed by the hosting app, which means users no longer need to actively enable the solution. This is likely to increase adoption rates.


Here’s an example of how our iMessage extension has been customized to one of our customers – Banca Transilvania from Romania: